Me Security analyst/hacker.  This blog is where I do brain dumps on anything technical or network security related.  If you find anything useful or feel that I don’t quite make sense, please do let me know.

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26 10 2006

… i did a google search for my email and found this site
Please remove my email or write it a form like
CW2K [ät} GMX {dot] de because there are spam robots who have nothing else to do then to scan net for ‘@’ and put anything they found and a big ’email-list’ for their ‘great unbeatible offers’.

But I already get enough of these mails !

11 01 2007

Hi obijuan.
I was fighting to decompile an autoit script and I find your post where you explain how…
I can recover stored password from stack using OllyDbg but it’s 210 chars long and I can’t use autoit decompiler becuse it’s limited to 64 chars..
I was can’d download the ”improved” decompiler from link you post.(file was removed)
Can you help me? Can you tell me where I can download that tool?
Thank you very much for your time


11 01 2007
12 01 2007
9 08 2007

Neither of these links work, and Google doesn’t turn it up. Any help?

31 08 2007

keep looking its out there took awhile found it on another ws wanting to get rid of microsoft product activation :bonk:

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