[FINALLY!] Google to warn over unsafe sites

7 08 2006

Although this does nothing to come close to mitigating this threat, this does help and at least brings attention to the matter.  Now if only people practiced more safe web browsing

Link to article on monstersandcritics.com 

Internet search engine Google is to begin warning users about potential spyware or adware risks associated with websites it links to.
The world’s most popular search engine will present users with a warning message if they are about to enter a site that it known to contain spyware or other programmes that can seriously damage personal computers, allowing them to option of return back to the search results page instead of continuing on to the page in question.

The new feature, part of a growing raft of security measures introduced by Google, is set to go live this Friday, presenting what security experts call the first significant step in the fight against so-called ‘Badware’ – software designed to harm a user’s computer or scam them in some way.

It is estimated that, on average, around five per cent of all websites retrieved via search engines contain badware, making the measure increasingly necessary if web users are to continue trusting Google’s content.

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